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Plant data really does excite us!

recording plants with Persephone in the field
Recording plants in the field with the Persephone plant records system

Why the Persephone plant records system?

The Persephone plant records system was developed by the charity Plant Heritage to record comprehensive information about the plants held in the National Plant Collections®.

Persephone was born out of a need for National Collection holders to have a tool to record and organise the vast amount of information they gather. Whether it is for recording historical research, taxonomic revisions, breeding history or mapping and images, this system has been refined over the past decade by use across a diverse range of plant collections.

Plant Heritage has now partnered with a web and database design company to deliver the latest version of the software. This combines our expertise working with collections and plant data, with the latest in database design and functionality.

The Persephone database is now available on subscription to record plants in any garden, anywhere.

Persephone is owned and managed by Plant Heritage. 

Our team

Dr Penny Ross

Persephone project manager

Vicki Cooke

Conservation Manager at Plant Heritage

Liz Edwards

Plant Conservation Officer at Plant Heritage

David Ross

Plant Heritage technical lead

NXT Digital Solutions

Development team

Not being National Collection Holders we are in the first cohort using Persephone on subscription to catalogue trees and woody shrubs (some rare) in a 12 acre private garden.  Persephone is the dream tool for the job.  Usability has clearly been designed into it from the bottom up and I don’t believe there is any other software application with a quality of support that even comes close.  And as the whole thing is web-based, with the ability to grant password controlled read-only guest access, garden visitors can look up plant information by searching on an accession number.  No more labelling woes.  Objective achieved.

Alexander Scott, Gelston Castle Estate

The level of aftercare that we have received from the Persephone support team has been truly above and beyond all expectations. We have been cataloguing the plant collection at The Bishops Palace using Persephone and I have been working alongside a volunteer who’s had no experience of such databases prior to this. With the excellent support via various Zoom meetings, we have both been able to build a fairly in depth understanding of the system and now feel very confident in use…of the excellent recording system that is Persephone.

Aron Clay, Senior Gardener at Bishop’s Palace, Wells